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The Internet as Arcades

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An Arcades Project of the 21st century is being written.
Our arcade is the internet, already past it, not yet crumbling but visible as antediluvian, symptomatic, populated by trolls, a place for gambling and fashion, architected by packet switching, UX, housing texting, selfies, sur- and suivellance … Our themes are the same as Benjamin’s: false consciousness, repetition, delay, porn … and a few new ones: simulacra, psychogeography, networks, image, mobility, identity, quantification. We could use a Psychogeography of the Internet.

By which I mean The Internet is Writing its Own Arcades Project. Gathering it's own collection of sources that map its place as the history of the 21st century.

It has become semiotic, in constant semiosis, and encounters. That's what moms and dads worry about when they worry about the internet: semiosis, what perpetual meaning-making does to the encounter. That's what mainstream media concern themselves with. It's why Apple has added Screen Time to it's iPad and iPhone. The perpetual semiosis frightens commerce.

Perpetual Semiosis


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