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  • hypertext
  • note taking
  • convolutes
  • new media
  • modernism
  • situationism
  • literatureNow
  • procedural literature
  • modernism

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The internet as a space for psychogeographical projects

We can’t get more awkward than this statement, but the idea is to take SI to new turf. Browsing is dérive. Always has been. And crossing spaces has taken on a psychological turn as early as AOL.

The idea of mapping the net has been around from the beginning. But it hasn’t been done. Perhaps because on the internet, the map is the territory. Doesn’t matter because this is psychogeography, not cartography.

Who? Addicts. Specialists. Browsers skilled at dérive. Coasting. Crossing over edges. Ignoring paths. Both of which are difficult in a space defined by edges and nodes.


Keep your head above water. Know a path from a drift, and make it clear. Record the drift.

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