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 {{ ::how_to_use_a_dial_telephone.png?nolink&400|}}===== Dial ===== {{ ::how_to_use_a_dial_telephone.png?nolink&400|}}===== Dial =====
-It's worth remarking that this illustration designates a //dial// telephone rather than an operator-controlled telephone.+This instruction was necessary - and in two colors. It designates a //dial// telephone rather than the candle-stick, operator-controlled telephone. Lift the receiver, flick the bracket a few times, wait for the operator, then say, clearly, "Union 9 8 2 2 1." Wait. "Hi, Mom!"
-We're back to needing the distinction between a dial telephone and a cell phone.  +Later, Ma Bell introduced the Touch Tone Phone. The tones made phone phreaking possible. The need to distinguish the phone pad from the dial became necessary.  And now we distinguish between a telephone, land line, smart phone, mobie (UK) and cel phone. The smart phone is just a phone - the unmarked term. But we still dial. We have people on speed dial. 
 +The dial interface is a body memory. The colonial prefixes - Union, Columbus, Hastings, Snelling, Marquette - is old rote learning from kindergarten.  
 +> All dials work the same way.
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