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-====== Slate ======+====== Slate: a consideration of themes ====== 
 +{{ ::snow_angel.jpeg?400|Angel, after Klee}}
-==== A consideration of themes ====+[[ |]]
 [[About]] [[About]]
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 [[The Listener and the Reader]]\\ [[The Listener and the Reader]]\\
 [[A Rich Concept of the Reader]]\\ [[A Rich Concept of the Reader]]\\
-[[The Hypertext Reader Explores]]+[[The Hypertext Reader Explores]]\\ 
 +[[Readers and Writers of Hypertext Can Resist]] 
 +[[Nominalization in the Service of Ideology]] 
 +[[Notes on a Social Semiotic Model of Meaning]]
 For a Course in Psychogeography For a Course in Psychogeography
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