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 +===== Aesthetics as Aesthesia =====
 +> Aesthetics is not the science of eye-candy, in which taste is reduced to a matter of mere statistics and samples of information. Instead, we must investigate the “aesthesia” of today’s networked experience.
 +> Distributed aesthetics, as a project, needs to be understood as a participatory journey of network users, aiming to capture the not-yet-described and the not-yet-visualized, and to go beyond poles such as real–virtual, new–old, offline–online, and global–local. We should forget about exposing the links that are already there and, with our capacity to engage a networked logic, forge links to what is in the network but not yet of the network.
 +from "Zero Comments: Blogging and Critical Internet Culture" by Geert Lovink
 +The emphasis is in aesthetics as experienced - participatory - and as epistemological. That's a leap from experience to knowledge. But as knowledge is a network, then the encounter with a network topology may suggest a new topology of knowledge. Err ...
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